Thursday, 24 February 2011

"My Family in Lloyds TSB"

Hello class!
This is my family.
I have created it in Lloyds TSB.
The first one is Peter, he is the father, he works in a train station. His wife is Marie and she likes playing golf.
 They have got two children.
The son's  name is Dave and the second is the daughter, her name is Ana.
Dave is older than Ana.
Dave likes playing football and Ana likes surfing.
 Do you like my family?

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

"Jacket of P.Brozos Team"

Hello bloggers!
 This is my jacket.
I have created in Jacket Builder.
It is green and brown.
These are the colours that represent my team "P. Brozos Team".

"Emotions in Avatars"

Hello bloggers!
These are my avatars in Muggin Maker.
I choosed for them hairstyles, clothes, accessories and diferents moods.
I hope you like my avatars and my post.

"My group of miners"

Hello class!
These are my miners.I have created them in Mining Buddy Builder.
The first miner is a man. He is wearing a red waiscoat, a red helmet, a white shirt, blue trousers and boots.
His eyes are blue an he is blonde.
He has got a lantern,gloves and a pick.
The second one is a woman.She is wearing a red waiscoat, yellow jeans and a white shirt.
She has got long hair and grey eyes.
She has got a walkie-talkie and a lunch box with her food.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

"Countdown with Inconscrabble"

 Danni Griffin´s songs in "Little Bloggers"
 Hello people!

This is my message with Inconscrabble .
Can you read it? I can give your a trail. We are waiting for the concert a long time, but.....On Monday, you will find the answer.
 I´ll see you at school.We´ll meet at the concert.

"Te best motorbikes"

Hello bloggers!
 These are my motorbikes.
I have created in Pimp my Bike.
The first motorbike is more modern than the second one.
 The second one is slower than the firts one.
 The firts one is blue and the second one is red.
Do you like my motorbikes?

Thursday, 17 February 2011

"Laureaus Awards, year 2011"

This prizes are know as the oscars of sport

Laureus world sports prizes are annual awards to the best sporties in the world. The Laureaus awards are in a different country every year. This year was in Abu Dhabi. This year were awarded to:
Best international sportman of the year, Rafa Nadal (tennis).
Best international sportwoman of the year, Lindsey Vonn (sky).
Best international team of the year, Spanish football team.(football)
Best international revelation of the year, Martin Kaymer.(golf)
Best international comeback player of the year, Valentino Rossi.(motorcycling)
Best international disable sportsman of the year, Verena Bentele.(biathlon)
Best international extreme sportsman of the year, Kelly Slater.(surf)
Special life time archievement award Zinedine Zizane.
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Monday, 14 February 2011

"San Valentine´s day"

Hello class!
Today is Valentine´s Day.
It is a very special day for lovers because it's a day to express our love.
 In this image, you can read my message of love for my secret love.
I did it in Regretless love. You can choose the heart, the color, the face and choose your destination.
 Do you want  to know my message?

Happy Valentine´s Day!

Thursday, 10 February 2011

"My Interactive Coloring Book"

This is my Interactive colouring book, I have created it on "Knight of Wands".
I painted the three girls and their house; In it, there is a grey cat, a white ghost, a brown owl, a candelabrum with a candle and a brown piano.
 The first girl has got long and black hair ,she is wearing a green dress and brown shoes.
The second girl has got long and yellow hair, she is wearing a red dress and a red shoes.Her dress is longer than the first girl's.
The third girl has got long and brown hair, she is wearing a long and purple shirt , black leggings and grey boots.
 Do you like my book?

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

"Work of Art"

Hello bloggers!
 These are my Works of Art.
I have created them on "Mode Art".
I chosen  three themes: sport, econ, normal and after that I created a collage in picnik.
It was fun !

Monday, 7 February 2011

"Stop Bullying"

This is my antibullying poster .
We can see three people on it. One of them hasn´t got a face, he is destroyed as a person, because at his school there are kids who make his life impossible. The other two people are denouncing his situation. I recommend you to watch the video and after that think if you know some person in this situation.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

"What is a Preposition?"

Hello bloggers!
 At school we are studying prepositions.
 What is a preposition? Prepositions are words that help us establish relations between different elements of a sentence. Prepositions normaly go before the nouns or pronouns in the sentences.
Some of the most used prepositions are:


"My Cousin now and one year ago"

This is my cousin. Her name is Noa. Now, she is 2 years old.
 She goes to the swimmingpool every Saturday. She is the happiest in the world because she likes swimming a lot.
In the first photo, she was 8 months old and she was younger than now.
In the first one, she was short because she was a little baby and now, she is taller. She has got a sweet smile ,she is the most smiling girl I know. She is very pretty and in my opinion she is the best.