Saturday, 25 December 2010

"My Christmas Holidays with Carlos Nuñez"

These holidays were very animated. I was shopping with my parents and I help them to prepare the family presents. It was fun.
 I went with my mother because I wanted that Carlos Nuñez sign his cd for me. My mother is a fan. His new cd is Alborada do Brasil and in this new cd, he search the connections between Galician music and Brasilian music.
His music is very lively.
On Thursday, December 23 my parents and I went to his concert in Coruña. It was wonderful and exciting. I  will never  forget it. If you click on the image, you can go to Carlos Nuñez official website .
This video is for all fans of this great musician.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

"My wrapping paper for my Xmas Presents"

This is my  wrapping paper for  my  Xmas presents.
I have chosen stockings, Christmas trees, Father Christmas, snowman, presents, candy canes and a mistletoe.
You can write a message and choose a background colour.
Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

"My collage in Face in Hole"

Hello Bloggers!
 This is my collage in picnik.I created the images in Face in Hole Fun Photo Box. All the photos are about movies.
The first photo is about Starcraft, I can drive a car and smoke.
The second one is about Alice in Wonderland ,it is a Tim Burton´s movie.
The third one is about Guild Wars and I am a warrior.
The fouth one is about Shreck and I am the troll.
If you click on the name of each movie, you can go to the official web site.
I hope you like my collage.

"Where they come from?"

Hello bloggers!
 This is my video with dolls.
 I have created in Joy to my small World.
 I choosed children from differents countries, and my message is "Peace on Earth".

Saturday, 18 December 2010

"My Drawings in S.H.E.D."

These are my drawings in S.H.E.D.
I think this page is incredible.Try it !
 You can ask him something and he will draw it.
I asked him to draw a Christmas tree, Santa Claus, a snowman, a sled and.....he never fails.

"My Christmas Lights"

These are my Chrstmas lights.
I have created them VML.
 You can choose different ways.
I choosed a Christmas tree, a bell, two candy canes and a gift.
 I joined the cause!
Encourage your family and friends to create your bulb light.

"I have got two Ugly Dolls"

Hello people¡
 This are my Ugly Dolls. I have created them Burn this keep that .
 The firts doll is a man. His name is Noel.
 He has got long and white hair and he has got a long beard too. Noel has got blue eyes.
He is wearing a red and yellow traksuit and a Santa Claus hat too.
The second one is a woman. Her name is Pinkdoll.
She has got short and pink hair. Her ayes are yellow like a tiger.The Pinkdoll has got the tongue out of her mouth.
 She is wearing a T-shirt with a white heart,a grey and a purple jacket and a violet trousers.
Do you like my Ugly Dolls?

Friday, 17 December 2010

"My Pauwtrait e-card"

Hello Guys!
This is my e-card.
 I am with my parents and my dog. You choose a background, your  family members and you can add a pet too.
After that, you can add a Christmas message.
 This is my virtual family.
Do you like it?

"Surfing with my friends"

Hello people!
 This is a greeting card.
I think it is fun, you can do it in Jib Jab, you can choose the people and the dances.
 On this greeting, card I am surfing with Rafa, Alex Mariño, Madai and Adrián Zas. Try it and have fun with your friends.
Ah! Happy Christmas to all!

Thursday, 16 December 2010

"My Fridge"

This is my fridge. It has got two presents to celebrate  Christmas and a phrase "Merry Christmas". 
It has got a recipe and two post it  notes. One of the notes is to buy a present because it is my friend's birthay and I must go to the supermarket too. 
In the other note it is a reminder to phone to my friend and have a coffee with him.
In my fridge there are magnets, a cup of coffee, a flower, two chocolates and a bowl of cereal. 
I like my fridge and you?

Thursday, 9 December 2010

"What happen at Christmas? "

Hello class! Are you ready ?
Christmas is coming and .....the Christmas brings emotions and joy to children ,days of celebration and good times. The traditions depending on where you are. We adorned our homes with Christmas tree and decorations.The streets are illuminated with colors lights. The families stay together at home to celebrate these days and the families exchange presents. I like Christmas and you?

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"Are you ready for Christmas?"

Hello guys! Christmas is coming and we must prepare for doing interesting and funny posts. The teacher will can surprise us this year ? I think so , but.......Can we surprise her?We must work very hard and try it. Lets work ! Countdown begins.

"My Fantasy Bagpack"

These are my fantasy lands.
The main character is a backpack, after you choose a theme. You can choose jungle, ocean, fantasy and  spy lab.
In the first it is in the jungle, the back is yellow it has got two horns, one arm is a hose with flowers and the other arm is a butterfly net. It has got some birds in its pocket.
In the second it is in the ocean, the back is blue it has got a parrot in top and a screw in bottom.One its arms is a oxygen tank and the other it is a net. It has got beautiful fishes in its pocket.
 In the third it is in the spy lab, the back is green it has got a siren in top and a recipient with sweets in its bottom. It has got three estranges arms.It has got a lot of buttons in its pocket.
In the fourth it is in the fantasy world, the back is purple it has got a princess hat in top and a book in bottom.It has got a nice mouth in its pocket. Its arms are magics.
 Do you like my backs?
  You can create it in Land´s End Packland.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

"December 8 a Bad Day"

On December 8, 1980 Mark David shot John Lennon at the entrance to his house. Some hours before John Lennon signed his last disc to Mark David. His wife said:"There wasn´t funeral for John". His body was cremated in New York and scattered his ashes in Central Park. John Lennon was one of the most important musician and composer and his songs will be always with us.

Monday, 6 December 2010

"You can dress Alie"

In the first photo Alie is in her house with the Christmas tree. She is wearing a ballet costume and a crown on his head.
In the second photo Alie is in the dining room. She is wearing a pyjama and a red hat. She has got a glass of milk on the table.
In the third photo Alie is in the garden of  her house. She is wearing a black hat, a scarf and a green coat, she is carrying a roller skate ice in her hands.
Do you like the Alie´s clothes?

"The Snow is here"

In the last three days a wave of cold invades Spain.In some provinces the temperatures are negatives. Some children don´t go to school. I live in Arteixo and this morning the thermometer indicated 3 degrees. It is very cold and we must wrap up warm but we must think in a lot of people that sleep in the street. Do you think the same?
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Thursday, 2 December 2010

"My Dancing Birthday"

These are my birthday dance. You only have to upload your photo and choose the dance. I chose the three dances because I like all them. If you click on each photo you can see my dances.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

"My dance"

Hello class!
 I am dancing.
 It is funny. You can do it in The Ugly Dance in Having Fun with English (Teacher Luz).
 You can choose the dance disco, aerobics, twist, step.
 And you can choose the image and....... dancing.

"My Virtual Fish"

This is my virtual fish. You can choose where you are going to fish. After that you can fish and you can choose the specie and you can create it.
Try to do it! It is funny!

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

"My Sweets Creations"

Hello bloggers! These are my creations, you can create it in Art is a Gift I have created two females and two males. Their names are Kako, Pretty, Frodo and Misty. They are a very sweet creations, you can put them differents colors and differents accesories. Kalo is a male it is green and it has got a book. Pretty is a female it is grey and it has got a ribbon in its hair. Frodo is a male it is yellow, it has got a red tie and a monocle. Misty is a female it is black and green it has got a star in its head. Do you like my creations?

Thursday, 25 November 2010

"Freddy the talking monkey"

Hello class!
 This is Freddy. It is my monkey, it is very nice. It is in its house, it is listening  to music.
 I have  created it in Monk-e- Mail .
You can choose a male or a female monkey, and you can put it differents clothes.
After that you can write a conversation.
It is very easy and funny.

"Andalucian pizza"

This is my pizza, it is Andalucian  pizza because it has got a flower in its head and its earrings are very big. You can choose the ingredients and you can put  in the dough and make your pizza. It is very funny!
Do you like my pizza?

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

"My Name in Graffiti"

Hello class! This is my name in Graffiti. I  have created it in Graffiti
 It is very funny. You can select differents fonts and colours, outlines and shadows.
It is amazing!

"My Race Car"

This is my race car- I designed it in Create a Ride. It is amazing. You can choose the color, the wheels, spoiler, wheel size and you can select the music and the Back drop.
Try it! It is fun.

Friday, 19 November 2010

" The Prestige"

On November 13 of 2002 a ship called "Prestige" was in Galician coast when it  was suprised  by a storm. On November 19 the Prestige sinked in the coast of Galicia. The Prestige caused a ecological disaster.
Many people around the country came as volunteers to help us to collect the oil.
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"My Monsters"

This is my monster. I have created it in Me Make Monster
My monster has got one big eye in the middle of his forehead. It has got a terrible mouth. Its skin color is orange and it is very strong. 
It is wearing a green shirt.
In the other, you enter your real name and it is incredible.Try to do it.
I hope you like my monster.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

"My Jumping Owl"

Hello class! This is my Jumping Olw.
 I have created in Switcheroo Zoo.
 It is a special owl, you can read its characteristics in my image.
 Do you like it?

"My Speaking Greeting Card"

Hello class!
This is my Speaking Greeting Card.
It is in the blog of teacher Luz .
You can choose a boy or a girl and you can choose a  sporty  man and a chic man.
I am a man chic and I am having a drink with my friends.
I invite you to look it.

"The Cyclogenesis"

The Cyclogenesis is a meteorological phenomenon that consists in a mixture of cold air with hot air.
On Monday, 9 November  a cyclogenesis was produced  in Galicia and its coast.
This Cyclogenesis and the strong winds caused a lot of damages in the cities.
The waves were 12 metres high.
The damages was considerable caused by win and the sea.
Are you ready for the next cyclogenesis?

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

"Crawl Creator "

This is my Star Wars Crawl Creator.You can choose the message .
Click on the image and you can read my yellow text in the space.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

"My Movie Star"

Hello guys! I hope you recognice me in my new movie. In this film I work with Benicio del Toro and Carolina Correa , they are famous actors but now a new star is born.Do you know who is this star?
Yes I am .
I want to follow me in my new job.
Click on the image to see my film.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

" My Virtual world and my virtual camera"



Hello class! This is my virtual world and my virtual camera.
In the first photo I am with my girlfriend at the beach.
In the second photo I am an important actor.
In the third photo I am in the jungle with a female gorilla.
In the fourth I am working at the circus for my new film.
I have got a virtual world a lot of stress.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

"My donut creation"

These are my donuts creation.You can choose the kreme or the fruit kreme.
You can choose the texture and you can decorate it too.
You can try to do it in the Teacher Luz Blog.I usually visit her blog and gossip a bit.
I hope that you are not very hungry at this time.

"My Name in Acronym Generator"


**D is for devious : but I think I am not devious.
**A is for artistic: I am a little artist.
**V is for virtuous: A person is virtuous when he has got virtues.
**I  is for innocent: All childrens are a little innocent.
**D is for dignified:I have got dignity.

This is my name in Acronym Generator.
It is very easy do it, because you only write your name and choose a color for the letter, the border and the background.
It is very curious.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

"My Converse Sneakers"

Do you like my converse?
You can design all models of converse in Converse Web site.
You can choose the colours, the lining,the stitch,the lace...
One of them is green and black and your laces are black too.
The other is black and brown with skulls.
I hope you like my converse.

" My monkeys"

Hello class!
I have got two monkeys, one of them is male and the other is a female.
The male is Julius. It has got big glasses and a black beret.
It has got a moustache and a small beard too.
The female is Julia. It has got black hair and one yellow crown.
It has got a big pink glasses. It is a very vain monkey.

Friday, 29 October 2010

"My favourite costume" for Halloween"

This is my favourite costume for Halloween. He is a zombie.
His body is a skeleton, his clothes are broken and he has got log hair.
His appearance is horrible and terrifying.
I hope you like my costume.
Happy halloween¡

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

"My Pumpkins"

You can decorate your pumpkin.It is very fun. In the first you can choose letters, numbers and create a face.I made it in Halloween Builder.
In the second you can choose the body, the eyes, the mouth, the nose,and you can put it wings ,hats and others accesories.I made it in Decorate your Pumpkin Game.
Try it!