Tuesday, 21 June 2011

"Happy Birthday Coca - Cola! "

Hello bloggers! 
This month is the Birthay of a good friend, its name is Coca Cola.
The formula for Coca Cola discovered a pharmaceutical in 1886, his name was John Pemberton.
In the year 1886 Coca Cola sold 9 bottles every day, and now in 2011 Coca Cola sells 8000 bottles every second.
Coca Cola has got factories around the world, only two people know the formula and how to mix the ingredients.
The formula is called Merchandise 7X. This formula is saved in Suntrust Bank Building de Atlanta.
Coca Cola is famous for its songs and advertisements.
When John Pemberton created his secret formula in 1886, he never dreamt that he had created the world's most famous soft drink.

* Did you know?
The Coca Cola made in Coruña´s factory is the tastier in the world, because the water from Coruña has got some special features.


Wednesday, 15 June 2011

"The tour"

Hi class!
 Yesterday it was a wonderful day, because we were on a trip.
We went by bus and it was fun.
 First we visited the fort and museum of Viladonga. Viladonga is a village near Castro de Rey in Lugo.
We went to see the sourcer of river Miño and we drank water from the sourcer.
 Then we ate in Meira and in the afternoon we went to Lugo and walked over the Roman walls.
It was a different and wonderful day!

Monday, 13 June 2011

"My Birthday"

My birthday was on May 16 , but I celebrated it with my friends last Friday.
 We went to see the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. The film was in 3D and had incredibles scenes.
I really liked it.
 After the cinema we all went to have lunch at Pizza-Movil. We ate pizza and a birthday cake.
 Friday was a wonderfull day for me, but......... on Saturday we must back to reality because the next week we have got five exams.


Saturday, 28 May 2011

"My Olimpic Mascots"

Hello bloggers!
These are my mascots for the next London Olimpic Games .
 I have created them in 2012 London Mascots .
You can choose the colour, the clothes and accessories.
In the first picture, he is a boy and he won the gold medal at the Olimpic Games in China.
He is a good swimmer. He comes from Germany.
In the second one she is a girl, and she is an important athlete in Spain. She comes from France but she was born in Morocco.
Do you like my mascots?

Thursday, 26 May 2011

"My Strange Faces"

These are my strange faces.
I created them on The Face Mash. After that I created a collage in Picnik.
I choosed the eyes, nose, mouth and hair.
 In the pictures, there are two girls.
 In the first one, she has got short and pink hair, her hair is shorter than the girl's in the second picture, her hair is the shortest I never have seen. Her eyes are big and blue, really they are biggest eyes in her family. Her mouth and her nose are very small.
In the second one, she has got short and black hair, her hair is the longest of the two. Her eyes are the biggest eyes in her class, her mouth and her nose are the biggest in her house.
I hope my post is the best in the class.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

"My Tate Kids Collection"

Hello class!
These are my two pictures.
I have colored them in this page Tate Kids- Colour Colour.
You can choose the picture, after that you choose the palette and paint your picture.
 You can put a frame and you have completed your picture .
Think you are a painter for a moment.

"My Arcimboldo Portrait"

Hello class!
 This is my portrait. I have created it in Archimboldo Art Creator.
You can choose the fruits, vegetables and flowers.
After that, you move the fruits, vegetables and flowers to create the eyes, ears, nose, the mouth and the hair.
It is very easy. 
 Do you like my face?

Friday, 13 May 2011

"My band"

This is my band.
I have created it in a application from Acapela called Kirigami Band.
 You can choose one song and the band sing it.
 My song is "We are the Champions" by Queen.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

"Over the Time"

Hello class! This is my apple.
I created it in Shrunken Apple People .
I found this site in "Web Tools for Kids". 
 You can choose his eyes, nose, mouth, hair and the background; after that you press "age it" and.......you can see the apple through the years.
The change is great.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

"My Virtual House"


This is my virtual house.
It has got a bedroom, a bath, a kitchen and a living room.
I have created it in Armstrong.
 In these images we can see a contemporary kitchen, an eclectic bathroom, a contemporary livingroom and an eclectic bedroom too.
 I have changed the colours of the walls and the floor.
I hope you like my house.

And now I am going to create and decorate a room at IKEA Space Maker.

This is my design.
In this room ,there is a bunk beds and under it there is one black sofa, next to the bed there is a red drawer and on the wall there are some pictures.
 On the wall there are two red wall shelves and on it there are some books and three trophies.
 On the other wall shelves there is a cd player and some pencils. The desk is under the window and on it there are some notebooks, a diary and a computer.
In the room there is a cupboard too.
 On the black floor, there are four red carpets, a guitar, a skateboard and a bag. On the wall there is a basketball too and there are two white lamps, one on the floor and one on the ceiling.
 This room belongs to a very modern, casual and young person. This person play sports too and I think this person is a boy.
 And...What do you think will be a boy or a girl ?

"Royal Weding and it's gossip"

Last weekend married the Prince William of England and Kate Middleton married. 
Lots of guests attended  their wedding. All Royal Houses were there: princes, queens, kings and  the most important people in the world.
All women were wearing spectaculars and original dresses and headdresses. The men were wearing elegant suits.
On this Photopeach you can look some of the guests and their glamorous dresses and suits.
 "The Royal Wedding Guests" on PhotoPeach

Monday, 2 May 2011

"My Fitting Room"

This is my design in Levis RoadwearFitting Room.
This is my friend Peter. He is wearing jeans, a white shirt and a blue jacket with white sleeves.
He is wearing modern and confortable clothes, because he goes to college every day and he needs to be very confortable.
Do you like my new friend Peter?
 He is very cool.