Thursday, 28 April 2011

"Parts of my Town"

Hello class!
 This is my town and now I'm going to talk about it.I live in Arteixo and here, there are:
 "Parts of a town" on PhotoPeach

 And now, I'm going to tell you where they are.
 The library is opposite the church, and the school is next to the nursery and opposite the sports center.
 The supermarket is next to the sports center.
 The police station is between the Town hall and the park.
 The post office is near the taxi stop and the bus stop.
There are a lot of shops and cafés. 
 There aren't any airports, train stations, cinemas or shopping centers.
In Arteixo there are some parks and a old and a important spa.
 I like live in Arteixo.

"Eastern Eggs for Japan"

I have made this eggs thinking of Japan, because  Easter eggs are the sYmbol of a new life and now, Japan needS to begin a new life after the tsunami.
You can buy one of the eggs and you are donating that money to Japan. 
I have chosen these four eggs, each one is designed by a diferent person. 
The first one is designed by Kristina Litten.
The second one is designed by Paul Pateman.
The third one is designed by Tony Riff.
The fourth one is designed by Yehrin Tong. 
You can buy one of these eggs in Eastern-Eggs.


The eggs are one of the symbols associated with Easter.
It is the symbol of fertility and new life. The habit and tradition of using eggs have been associated with Easter for centuries.
The eggs painted with colours represent the sunlight of spring.

The tradition say the rabbit brings baskets with coloured eggs.
In Spain, the godfather give to his godchildrens a sweet cake, a chocolate egg .

El Roscón de Pascua: "Is another tradition in our country".

Saturday, 23 April 2011

"Romeo and Juliet with Gnomes"

These are my special Gnomeo and Juliet.
 I have created these gnomes at Gnomeo and Juliet Official Site.
 Gnomeo is wearing a red coat, grey trousers, black shoes and a red hat.
He has got a big white beard and white eyebrowns too. His eyes are blue like the sea and his cheeks are rosy. His face is very nice and he is laughing.
Juliet is wearing a long blue dress with a white apron, a blue hat and black shoes. She has got a brooch in her dress. She has got blue eyes, a small nose, her cheeks are rosy too. She has got two braids in her hair.
 Do you like my Gnomeo and Juliet avatars?

Thursday, 14 April 2011

"My virtual Seascape"

Hello Bloggers! 
This is my virtual seascape.
I made it at  See-Saws from NGA Kids.
 In my seascape you can see the calm sea and a little village near the sea. The sky is blue. There are two boats in the sea. One of them is at the little port and the other one is at the sea with two men, they are fishing.
At the port there is a woman. She is looking at the sea because she is waiting for her husband. Near the village there is a small island. It is the smallest island than I've ever seen. In it there is a lighthouse to guide the boats when it is cloudy. On the island there is a man, he is fishing because the sea is calm. So it's my seascape.
Do you like it?

Monday, 11 April 2011

What are they doing?

Hello people!
Firts story.
They are John, Eric, Peter and Marc. They are a group of good friends. They are ready for a photo. Peter is phoning, Marc has got a racket in his hands, John has got a bag in his hands and Eric has got a cup in his hands.
I think they are happy, because they are on holidays. They are thinking the photographer must finish.
 They are in a hotel. They are going to walk and have dinner outside. They are wearing very casual clothes.

 Second story.
They are Elisabeth and George.They are brothers.
 George is playing a guitar and singing a song. Elisabeth is phoning to her boyfriend.They are happy because they are doing that they like.
They are thinking in their mother because she is in Australia.They are having a good time in the room.
They are going to buy to the supermarket. They are wearing confortable clothes to stay at home.
Enjoy storytelling at Mekanism.
I hope you like my post.

Friday, 8 April 2011

"My Giat Cheetos Pet"

These are my pets
One is a girl and the other  one is a boy. 
I have created them  in Giat Cheetos Pet.
The first image  is a male. His name is Cheetdave. He hasgot white hair and it has hot modern glasses. The background  is a forest with many trees.
In the second one, is a female. Her name is Cheetmary. She has got  red glasses and black hair. Her lips are red.
 The blackground it is gotic with vamps.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

"Original Bags"

Hello people!
These are my paper bags.
I have created them in Fandango Bag Puppet.
 It is funny, you can choose the hair, the eyes, the nose, the mouth, clothes and accesories.
In the first image, my bag is a woman.
She has got curly and pink hair, her eyes are brown and her lips are red. She always wears a pink shirt.
 In the second one, my bag is a man.
He has got curly and black hair, his eyes are grey and he has got a moustache and beard. He always wears a white shirt, a tie and a  grey jacket.
Do you like my human bags?

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

"My Muppets Whatnot"

Hello Bloggers !
 These are my Muppet Whatnot.
 I have created it in Muppet Whatnot Workshop .
 You can choose the eyes, the noise, the body and the clothes.
 I have created a collage in picnik with four of them.
In the first one, the man is Jhon, he is a journalist, he works in the radio. He has got black hair. He wears a white shirt, a tie and a plaid jacket.
 In the second one, the girl is Mary, she is a cheerleader, she trains with her friends every day. She has got blonde hair and she wears a suit and a purple ribbon on her hair.
In the third one, she is a girl, her name is Margaret and she has got brown hair, she wears a costume. Her costume is of Statue of Liberty. She wears a tunic and a crown.
In the fourth one, the man is Thomas he is coaching a baseball team. He has got green hair and he wears a cup on his hair.
I hope you like my new friends.
They are very nice.

Friday, 1 April 2011

"My Virtual Crush"

Click on the image to create yours

Hello Bloggers !
 How are you?
 In this post, I want to introduce my virtual crush to you.
 Her name is Elisabeth, she is 15 years old.
 She has got long and curly hair, her eyes are green and she has got fair skin.
She is superfriendly, really nice and really good at maths. Plus she also likes to study and read.
Her sign is Pisces. She is always imaginative and kind.
 My dream date with Elisabeth would be bowling at the bowling alley.
It would be very fun.
I love Elisabeth.