Sunday, 30 January 2011

"My Peace Shadow "

Hello people!
Today is the Day of Peace.
There are many celebrations and peace marches in cities.
All we must make a better world and I say to all politicians "Not to war" .

This is my Peace Shadow, I have created it in Peace Shadow Project. Put your signature for peace and this video is a commemoration of this day.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

"Trick -out my Mouse"

These are my designs.
I have created in Trick-out your own mouse
In the first image, its name is Presentmouse, it has got two feet in its tiresand, a red gift bow and a megaphon and the background is a beautiful mountain.
In the second one, its name is Mousejacucci, it has got wagon wheels, hot tub, offroad lights.
 In the three one, its name is Tankmouse, it has got tank treads, tank turret a nitrous tank.
 In the four one, its name is Mousediabolic, it has got chrome dubz, devil horns, flashing light Bar, Devil`s tail and a pitchfork.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

"My Desktop Wallpaper"

Hello bloggers!
These are my Desktop Wallpapers.
 I have created them Wallpapers.x3Studios. I have created four.
The first wallpaper is about beautiful flowers and a lot of happy colours.
The second one is about optical effects.
The third one is about the life. It is pink and everything is pink.
The fourth one it is green because I think in green.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

"My Crazy Faces"

These are my crazy faces, all are very ugly.
I created it in Gombinoscope.
You can choose the eyes, the nose, the mouth, hair style and mix them.
   In the first image, he is a boy, his name is Peter and he is thirty three years old .He has got fair skin and green bulging eyes.His hair is very short and he is not shaved. His clothes are green.
 In the second one, he is a boy, his name is John and he is twenty nine years old. He has got fair skin and green eyes. His hair is blond and very long like a woman. He is wearing two earrings in his ears. He has got a long neck and his nose is very long.
 In the third one, he is a boy, his name is Robert and he is twenty five years old. He has got fair skin and green eyes. His hair is a little long and his nose and his ears are a little big. His noise is very long and his mouth is wierd. He is wearing a grey shirt.
 In the four one, he is a boy, his name is Albert and he is twenty six years old. He has got fair skin and green eyes. He has got short and black hair, he is not shaved and he is wearing a black shirt.

"The graffities"

Hello children!
A lot of people think that graffitti is vandalism.
I don´t agree because they usually paint in buildings, crystals, wagons of trains and damage streets fournitures.
 In some cases, there are very good graffitis because they
 express ideas, emotions and a different vision of the world.

If  you look at these images, you will think  "This is art" o " This is a Vandalism"

I think they are authentic and generous artists, because they paint in the street and they share their art with all us. The problem begins when they don´t know - where they must paint. They need a place to pain in each city.

This is the opposite. This is not art.

" My Anty Smoking Poster "

Hello Bloggers! 
These are my two anty smoking posters.
I have created it in We Can Canvas.
 In the first image, I have created a person, he has got two wings, his color is grey like the smoke. He has got a black spot like the oil in his body. In his feet he has got a dead fly, fire, smoke and a lot of cigarettes. I used  very hard words: POISON, TOXIC, CANCER, STINK, ADDICTED. 
The smokers don´t think about their health and.....about the others'? 
In the second one, I have created a beautiful landscape. In it, you can see a chicken, two nice bees, four beautiful flowers, four balloons of different colours, a rainbow and fresh fruit. 
This is my different way to see a smoker and a non-smoker. 
These are my slogans: 
"Smoke, smoke your life vanish" 
"Don´t leave your life turn black"

Thursday, 13 January 2011

"My Devil Yogurt"

Hello people! This is my Devil Yogurt. I created a monster cup. My cup is yellow and green and the ingredients are :

                *Poison: it is brown like chocolate.
             *Evil minions: berry medusas.
*Tops gluttony  are eyes.

After that, it is very important to choose the music and the scenery.
I hope you like my Devil Yogurt.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

"Happy New Year"

Hello bloggers!
 I have celebrated this party in my house with all my uncles, aunts and cousins. We ate shellfish, fish and meat, then I had ice cream, I love it very much, ten to twelve, my mother gave bags of grapes for each person. After eating the grapes we made a toast with a glass of champagne. I  had a lot of fun with all my family.
In this photo I am with my friend.
A New Year begins and I hope that all our wishes come true.
I see you  on January 10.