Thursday, 31 March 2011

"We must think in Japan"

Hi visitors.

It's really tragic what happened in Japan.First an earthquake and after that a tsunami.
 We have seen several images and all of them are frightening.
I have writted some lines for share my feelings.
My mesagge to these people is:
"I feel what happened in Japan.The behavior of its people is exemplary. Kisses for all them."
I have created these lines in "When I think of Japan"   .
This animoto video  is a tribute for all them.
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Friday, 25 March 2011

My Rabbids

Hello Bloggers!
These are my rabbids.
I have created in You as a Rabbid.
You can customize them and change the face, hair, mouth, head, costume and accessories.
In the first one, I have created a cook rabbid, it has got an apron and a chef's hat. It has got a pizza in its hands.
 In the second one, I have created a samuray rabbid, it has got a big mustache, an armor, a helmet and a sword.
 In the third one, I have created a geisha rabbid, it wears a traditional  Japanese kimono and in its head has got the typical sticks.
In the fourth one, I have created a cowboy rabbid, it has got  trousers, a waistcoat, a cowboy hat and it has got two guns that are carrots.
Do you like my rabbids?

Saturday, 19 March 2011

"Father´s Day"

Father´s day is celebrate on the 19 of March in Spain.This is a day to show your gratitude and love to your fathers.
This is a sad day for me, because my father died seventeen days ago.
 He was the most important people in my life with my mother.
I know he is always with me now and I know he is looking at me and take care of me .
Now he is my private Angel.
I want to say him "thanks dad " because for me you are the best and....
you were,are and will be my superhero.
I love you Dad!

Friday, 18 March 2011

"My Artistic Dream"

Hello class! This is my dream. I have created it in Dreamlines .
It´s a fun machine that generates all your dreams. I have created a collage in picnik with four images.
My dream is:
 "Walking on the Sky".
I hope you like my dream

Thursday, 17 March 2011

"A fun island"

Hello everyone! 
This is my island. Its name is David Iglesias's Island .
I have created it in Isle of Tune.
In my island, the houses are painted in fun colours. It has got a lot of trees and streetlights. Each object that you put on your island has got a nice sound.
I go with my friends to my island and we have a good time.
 Do you like my island?
 I am very happy in it.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

"Do you know these thieves?"

Hi everyone! 
I have created these faces in Ultimate Flash Face . In it, you can choose more than 1000 elements for male and female.
Now, I am going to describe the two faces that I have created. 
The first one is a man. His name is Peter Brown, he is wanted by the police because he holded up some banks and a lot of famous jewelers and homes of famous people. He is a very dangerous man, even killed two security guards. He is the most dangerous thief in England. 
He has got balding hair, black eyebrows and fair skin. His eyes are brown and he has got a big mouth and a brown moustache. Sometimes he has got glasses. 
He is very tall, he is the tallest man I saw. 
The second one is a woman, she is an important thief because she sometimes help to Peter Brown.
Her name is Mary Watson, She is the most dangerous woman in many cities of England . 
She has got long hair, blue eyes and big lips. She has got fair skin and sometimes she wears glasses too. 
She is the fastest woman robing a bank. Peter is more dangerous than Mary, and Mary is uglier than Peter but Peter´s face is angrier than Mary´s face. 
I hope the police arrest to the most famous thieves in England.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

"11M Aniversary"

Seven years after the attacks of the 11M, victims, politicians and social agents remember in Madrid.
 Acts to the 191 dead in the massacre caused by the explosion of eleven bombs on four trains.

This video is for all them

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

"Lose your Excuse and lights off "

Hello class!
These are my lose your excuse posters.
I made it in "Lose your Excuse".
 You can read unplug, done, off, save the power on it.
 We need to save the energy because it is very important for our life.
Lose your Excuse and safe the power!

"The international womens day"

Hello bloggers!
Today is "The International Women's Day", it is an important day.
The first International Womens Day was in 1911, this is the Global Centenary Year.
 I´d like to celebrate this day with all of them.
                                                       This video is a tribute to all them.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

"Costumes of my family"

Hello bloggers! 
These are my cousins's costumes and the mine. 
My cousin Oscar dresses up as Wolverine from X-Men. 
He is 12 years old and he studies in Anxo da Garda school in Coruña. He is older and taller than me.
My cousin Noa dresses up as witch. She was very happy with her broomstick; but....she was a danger! 
She is 2 years old and she goes to the nursery. 
My cousin Emma dresses up as a ladybird. She was very nice. 
She is 1 year old and she goes to the nursery too. 
I dress up as a punk.
I enjoyed Carnival with all my cousins.
I hope you like our costumes.