Tuesday, 21 June 2011

"Happy Birthday Coca - Cola! "

Hello bloggers! 
This month is the Birthay of a good friend, its name is Coca Cola.
The formula for Coca Cola discovered a pharmaceutical in 1886, his name was John Pemberton.
In the year 1886 Coca Cola sold 9 bottles every day, and now in 2011 Coca Cola sells 8000 bottles every second.
Coca Cola has got factories around the world, only two people know the formula and how to mix the ingredients.
The formula is called Merchandise 7X. This formula is saved in Suntrust Bank Building de Atlanta.
Coca Cola is famous for its songs and advertisements.
When John Pemberton created his secret formula in 1886, he never dreamt that he had created the world's most famous soft drink.

* Did you know?
The Coca Cola made in Coruña´s factory is the tastier in the world, because the water from Coruña has got some special features.


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