Thursday, 20 January 2011

" My Anty Smoking Poster "

Hello Bloggers! 
These are my two anty smoking posters.
I have created it in We Can Canvas.
 In the first image, I have created a person, he has got two wings, his color is grey like the smoke. He has got a black spot like the oil in his body. In his feet he has got a dead fly, fire, smoke and a lot of cigarettes. I used  very hard words: POISON, TOXIC, CANCER, STINK, ADDICTED. 
The smokers don´t think about their health and.....about the others'? 
In the second one, I have created a beautiful landscape. In it, you can see a chicken, two nice bees, four beautiful flowers, four balloons of different colours, a rainbow and fresh fruit. 
This is my different way to see a smoker and a non-smoker. 
These are my slogans: 
"Smoke, smoke your life vanish" 
"Don´t leave your life turn black"

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