Thursday, 9 December 2010

"My Fantasy Bagpack"

These are my fantasy lands.
The main character is a backpack, after you choose a theme. You can choose jungle, ocean, fantasy and  spy lab.
In the first it is in the jungle, the back is yellow it has got two horns, one arm is a hose with flowers and the other arm is a butterfly net. It has got some birds in its pocket.
In the second it is in the ocean, the back is blue it has got a parrot in top and a screw in bottom.One its arms is a oxygen tank and the other it is a net. It has got beautiful fishes in its pocket.
 In the third it is in the spy lab, the back is green it has got a siren in top and a recipient with sweets in its bottom. It has got three estranges arms.It has got a lot of buttons in its pocket.
In the fourth it is in the fantasy world, the back is purple it has got a princess hat in top and a book in bottom.It has got a nice mouth in its pocket. Its arms are magics.
 Do you like my backs?
  You can create it in Land´s End Packland.

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