Saturday, 18 December 2010

"I have got two Ugly Dolls"

Hello people¡
 This are my Ugly Dolls. I have created them Burn this keep that .
 The firts doll is a man. His name is Noel.
 He has got long and white hair and he has got a long beard too. Noel has got blue eyes.
He is wearing a red and yellow traksuit and a Santa Claus hat too.
The second one is a woman. Her name is Pinkdoll.
She has got short and pink hair. Her ayes are yellow like a tiger.The Pinkdoll has got the tongue out of her mouth.
 She is wearing a T-shirt with a white heart,a grey and a purple jacket and a violet trousers.
Do you like my Ugly Dolls?

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