Sunday, 6 March 2011

"Costumes of my family"

Hello bloggers! 
These are my cousins's costumes and the mine. 
My cousin Oscar dresses up as Wolverine from X-Men. 
He is 12 years old and he studies in Anxo da Garda school in Coruña. He is older and taller than me.
My cousin Noa dresses up as witch. She was very happy with her broomstick; but....she was a danger! 
She is 2 years old and she goes to the nursery. 
My cousin Emma dresses up as a ladybird. She was very nice. 
She is 1 year old and she goes to the nursery too. 
I dress up as a punk.
I enjoyed Carnival with all my cousins.
I hope you like our costumes.

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