Wednesday, 16 March 2011

"Do you know these thieves?"

Hi everyone! 
I have created these faces in Ultimate Flash Face . In it, you can choose more than 1000 elements for male and female.
Now, I am going to describe the two faces that I have created. 
The first one is a man. His name is Peter Brown, he is wanted by the police because he holded up some banks and a lot of famous jewelers and homes of famous people. He is a very dangerous man, even killed two security guards. He is the most dangerous thief in England. 
He has got balding hair, black eyebrows and fair skin. His eyes are brown and he has got a big mouth and a brown moustache. Sometimes he has got glasses. 
He is very tall, he is the tallest man I saw. 
The second one is a woman, she is an important thief because she sometimes help to Peter Brown.
Her name is Mary Watson, She is the most dangerous woman in many cities of England . 
She has got long hair, blue eyes and big lips. She has got fair skin and sometimes she wears glasses too. 
She is the fastest woman robing a bank. Peter is more dangerous than Mary, and Mary is uglier than Peter but Peter´s face is angrier than Mary´s face. 
I hope the police arrest to the most famous thieves in England.

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