Tuesday, 5 April 2011

"My Muppets Whatnot"

Hello Bloggers !
 These are my Muppet Whatnot.
 I have created it in Muppet Whatnot Workshop .
 You can choose the eyes, the noise, the body and the clothes.
 I have created a collage in picnik with four of them.
In the first one, the man is Jhon, he is a journalist, he works in the radio. He has got black hair. He wears a white shirt, a tie and a plaid jacket.
 In the second one, the girl is Mary, she is a cheerleader, she trains with her friends every day. She has got blonde hair and she wears a suit and a purple ribbon on her hair.
In the third one, she is a girl, her name is Margaret and she has got brown hair, she wears a costume. Her costume is of Statue of Liberty. She wears a tunic and a crown.
In the fourth one, the man is Thomas he is coaching a baseball team. He has got green hair and he wears a cup on his hair.
I hope you like my new friends.
They are very nice.

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