Monday, 11 April 2011

What are they doing?

Hello people!
Firts story.
They are John, Eric, Peter and Marc. They are a group of good friends. They are ready for a photo. Peter is phoning, Marc has got a racket in his hands, John has got a bag in his hands and Eric has got a cup in his hands.
I think they are happy, because they are on holidays. They are thinking the photographer must finish.
 They are in a hotel. They are going to walk and have dinner outside. They are wearing very casual clothes.

 Second story.
They are Elisabeth and George.They are brothers.
 George is playing a guitar and singing a song. Elisabeth is phoning to her boyfriend.They are happy because they are doing that they like.
They are thinking in their mother because she is in Australia.They are having a good time in the room.
They are going to buy to the supermarket. They are wearing confortable clothes to stay at home.
Enjoy storytelling at Mekanism.
I hope you like my post.

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