Thursday, 14 April 2011

"My virtual Seascape"

Hello Bloggers! 
This is my virtual seascape.
I made it at  See-Saws from NGA Kids.
 In my seascape you can see the calm sea and a little village near the sea. The sky is blue. There are two boats in the sea. One of them is at the little port and the other one is at the sea with two men, they are fishing.
At the port there is a woman. She is looking at the sea because she is waiting for her husband. Near the village there is a small island. It is the smallest island than I've ever seen. In it there is a lighthouse to guide the boats when it is cloudy. On the island there is a man, he is fishing because the sea is calm. So it's my seascape.
Do you like it?

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